The Danish Council for Strategic Research

The Danish Council for Strategic Research was established in 2004 as an innovation within the Danish funding system for research. The Council consists of a Board and a number of programme commissions. 

The Council seeks to ensure that strategic research in Denmark is organised to meet the challenges facing Danish society. The aim is to ensure Denmark’s position as a global frontrunner regarding welfare, wealth and science in the short and long term. 

Strategic research must always take place in a problem-oriented context, not a discipline-oriented context. This means that strategic research often spans several disciplines and is carried out in a matrix organisation across public and private-sector institutions where disciplines or subjects are included as required. 

Strategic research will usually have a strong international dimension with Danish researchers working closely together with the best international researchers.

Moreover, it is an important objective that strategic research contributes to research education and to ensuring a positive development of the research environments in Denmark.
29 MARCH 2023