About Xsense


In the future development of sensor based explosives detectors we find that the key challenges to address are:

  • Reliability
  • Selectivity
  • Stability
  • Cost

Our hypothesis is that only by combining several independent and sensitive measuring principles can we achieve accurate detection quality in a low cost sensor device.


Field leading competences in miniaturised sensors, synthetic chemistry, surface functionalization, data processing and validation are combined in a research network.

By sharing knowledge and development activities to reach the common goal, the Xsense project combines multiple sensor technologies with advanced data processing to detect, quantify and describe the occurance of specific particles in an environment.

Project outcome

The goal of the project is to realise a reliable, sensitive, portable and low-cost explosive detector. The project is focused on the sensor fabrication and validation. The sensor system will be miniaturised and will therefore be highly suitable for the use in anti terror efforts, boarder control, environmental monitoring and demining.

4 JUNE 2023